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Recent Progress

The Primary Settings of My Blog

  • It has been a while without updating. There were lots of fairs to be done. Now I finally had the time to work on this blog.
  • First I changed the main color to light purple which is my favourite color these days.
  • Second I configured with the pics and avatars...I had to say the Vue is never an easy thing to learn. The frontend is so vague...
  • Finally the establishment of Friend Links with NaiveTomcat. CSS is so weird...

Recent TODOs

  • ⭕Cope with the Navbar to make a link to the ToC of my develop logs, not to choose it.
  • ⭕Make the background flexible, which maybe means I have to give up the anime paintings.
  • ⭕Upload some recent works like notes, which were all in Markdown.
  • ⭕Set up my ASN and open to peer.

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